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Paz Twins

The Paz Twins are your untamed dreams in real life. These ladies are matured to perfection with a delightful combination of sweet and spicy. Jezebel and Bia are adventurous women who love to live life to the fullest. Being professional companions and magical Mistresses you can always catch these ladies having fun soaking up the sun playing with each other, being pampered, fine dining, or by a luxurious pool somewhere. These two beauties have found the fountain of youth with laughter. You will be highly entertained and your inner spirit uplifted by their positive contagious energy. They enjoy creating unforgettable memories and living in the moment with other amazing individuals. Your time together will always be fully organic and fresh.

Indulge your sophisticated palate to an exquisite day to remember. The Paz Twins are currently entertaining extended engagements. Whether your craving a morning tryst, mid day delight, a wild night to remember, or one off the charts week the Paz Twins have all the bases covered. These superbly seasoned ladies are ready for you!

Handcrafted for to your exclusive taste. Bia and Jezebel, are foxy identical twins with insatiable appetites. Don’t let their similar appearances distract you, they have very unique separate personalities. Like night and day. The Paz Twins invite you to take a ride on a first class erotic adventure. Your mouth watering Latina twin sister fantasy ends here.

Tour Dates

San Diego, CA (1/20 & 21)

Scottsdale, AZ (1/22-29) + (2/6-9)

Phoenix, AZ (2/10-12)

San Diego, CA (3/2-4 & 4/5-9)

Phoenix, AZ (6/8-12)

Paz Twins

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